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beauty in life rounded rainbowBeauty in Life Rounded Rainbow

My Life, My Choice White Cancer AngelMy Life, My Choice White Cancer Angel

My Life, My Choice Green Cancer AngelMy Life, My Choice Green Cancer Angel

My Life, My Choice Pink Cancer AngelMy Life, My Choice Pink Cancer Angel

Wipe Out Cancer AngelWipe Out Cancer Angel

Beauty in Life (Text)Beauty in Life
(Text Only)

My Life, My Choice TextMy Life, My Choice (Text Only)

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Gallery of Inspirational Cancer Art Paintings

DonnaBellas Angels is non-profit dedicated to providing inspirational art to the public. We permit personal use/ non-commercial use of our images as part of goal in helping others to provide inspirational oncology healing support. You may click on the images below to get a full image of the painting that can be shared with friends, family and co-workers. We also have images available for sharing on our Pinterest Gallery or at Flickr.

Feel Beauty Painting Rounded Rainbow

My Life, My Choice Angel
My Life, My Choice Green Angel
Wipe Out Cancer Angel
Feel My Beauty Pink Cancer Angel

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“DonnaBellas Angels plays an important role in our clinic. The colorful artwork covers the exam & treatment room walls, easing worries and healing the soul. It reminds people that their disease does not define them, that a cancer diagnosis cannot take away the things that really matter in life – love, hope, friendship, memories or your spirit. This is such a profound message that it became the theme for this year’s Surviving & Thriving Conference for cancer survivors and caregivers. The speakers at the conference echoed this lesson in their talks. Over and over again they spoke about having choices and that we can control how we think and feel. DonnaBellas Angels expresses this theme beautifully. Laurel Latto’s inspiring angels not only provide peace and comfort but also encourages and empowers. Everyone who attended the Surviving & Thriving Conference received a My Life, My Choice poster thanks to a generous donation from DonnaBellas Angels. This amazing gift will serve to remind our guests that they too can overcome cancer. I cannot thank DonnaBellas Angels and Laurel Latto enough for supporting our event and for bringing hope to those that need it most!”

Mary Jackson, MSN, RN, OCN
Director, Patient & Family Services
Cancer Therapy & Research Center
University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio


Dear DonnaBellas Angels,

Thank you so much for the beautiful postcards and the frame sized art prints.

I gave out a few of these to our Cancer Center volunteers at our recent holiday party. The volunteers are at the frontline assisting cancer patients and caregivers. I thought the art would be appropriate for the volunteers because they bring love, peace and hope to the Cancer Center and the art reflects that.

The Cancer Center social workers split the remainder of the art to give to their cancer patients and to hang in the their offices to stand as a reminder of ‘what cancer cannot do’.

Thank you for all your efforts in providing such a beautiful service to cancer patients.


Heather Rose, MPA
Coordinator, Volunteer Services
Carol G Simon Cancer Center
Morristown, NJ

"So yesterday I was having a rough day with changes in my life & bring very emotional. I called & was able to get in to see & talk to the PA at my oncologists office & she answered a lot of questions that eased my mind. I know with God there are never consequences & He has a reason for everything. Here was His reason for yesterday. When the nurse 1st put me in a room. Another nurse came & moved me to a different room. In the 2nd room was a picture & saying someone had painted. Very colorful & it caught my attention. As I read it I knew I was supposed to be there to see it. The saying is as follows:  
Cancer Can Change My Body, But I Choose My Life. I choose to Embrace Peace. I choose to Build Friendships. I choose to Embrace Peace. I Choose to Accept Grace. I Choose to Cherish Sweet Memories. I Choose to Have Courage. I Choose to Welcome Faith. I Choose to Believe in Hope. I Choose to Know Love. I Choose to Want My Life. I Choose to Feel the Beauty of My Life.

I am learning every day that Yes Cancer Has & Will continue to Change my Body. But I have to make the Choice every day to Feel the Beauty of My Life & Be Thankful for It & the Blessings God gives me every day in My Family, Friends,& Strength He gives me!! So Cancer You can Change My Body , but You Cannot Change My Choices!"

-San Antonio Cancer Patient


"Thank you so much for your generosity.  Your painting has inspired many."
-Courtney Jones, RN
Doctors' Care
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