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Caribbean Beach Angel PaintingCaribbean Beach Angel Painting

The Caribbean Beach Angel Painting shows an yellow-orange angel hovering over the ocean with the words "Jwa" on a cloud that has the sun peeking through. The words "Lepé" appear below on the sand next. A cheerful palm tree grows on the beach. The painting uses the Creole words for "Joy" (Jwa) and "Peace" (Lepé). This painting was inspired after NPH saw the California Beach Angel Painting.

Caribbean Angel Painting at hospital in HaitiThis painting was donated to Friends of the Orphans / Neustros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) for their Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabarre, Haiti.  (NPH is Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters".)  NPH cares for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and the Caribbean. The organization is known as "Nos Petit Frères et Sœurs" (NPFS) in Haiti.

Only a few hundred miles south of Florida, USA, is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the island nation of Haiti. Here, a fifth of all children die before they reach the age of five and the life expectancy rate is only 48 years old. Father William Wasson founded Nos Petit Frères et Sœurs (NPFS), Our Little Brothers and Sisters, in 1988.

NPFS has three distinct facilities: St. Hélène, a permanent home for orphaned and abandoned children; Kay Père Wasson or The Father Wasson Center, our former pediatric hospital now used for administration, rehabilitation and educational purposes; and a pediatric hospital called St. Damien Chateaublond.

Haiti Angel Concept Art SketchIn December 2006, a state-of-the-art pediatric hospital in Tabarre, named St. Damien Chateaublond, was inaugurated. The hospital’s main focus is on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malnutrition and cancer. This facility provides in-patient care with 120 beds and out-patient care for up to 100 children daily. There is also a dental clinic, laboratory, and public health clinic on premises. Adjacent to the hospital is Kay St. Germaine, a 2,300 sq. ft., rehabilitation and physiotherapy center. These programs reach over 30,000 people annually.

After the earthquake, an "Angels of Light" program was started in the field behind the hospital to help provide activities and care for displaced children.




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