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Shohini Ghosh's Angel Sculptures

Shohini Ghosh, Artist, is working on resin angel figurines for DonnaBellas Angels. She has designed a boy and girl angel.

More information about these angel sculptures will be posted under DonnaBellas Angels Art "My Angel" section.

Shohini’s thoughts and inspirations about
her angel sculptures:
My mother is a breast cancer survivor who received extensive radiation and chemotherapy.  What stuck me while caring for her was the physical pain of the medication. The treatment coursed through your body like molten lava flowing through your veins.  This burning from the inside out is a feeling unique to cancer patient and beyond true description. 
Cancer patients, as well as, other patients facing chronic or terminal diseases are subject to immense physical and mental challenges. They have a need to constantly hold on to hope, courage, peace, and love that will give them positive reinforcement and courage to face the journey.  It is helpful to have an object that is a representation of these ideas because it is tangible and tactile. These angel sculptures allow a patient to share their pain and give keep faith for managing their illness.
These angels were created with the idea that it can be held by hands of all sizes during the treatment process.  The angels will be smooth, with no sharp edges, light weight, palm size and white color. 
Customizing by the patient and family:
The final sculptures will be white resin. Each angel can be painted or embellished by the patient and their family if they choose with words of hope, signatures of loved ones, pictures, etc.  This will make the angel personalized and will remind a patient of their loved ones and the bond they share together.

After treatment is over, the angel sculpture will be a reminder of of the courage through the journey. The angel is a testament to the patient’s faith in themselves, loved ones, and God. 

"Art to provide Hope in Living.
Art to provide Memory in Passing."


Click here for a photo gallery of the angel sculpture figurines.



Due to the cost associated with creating the sculptures, we will be asking for payments for the sculpture to help offset costs. If you wish to donate to this initiative of healing with art then please contact us at

Your donation help us provide the angel sculptures at no cost to cancer centers or wellness center clinics. We will also have information about online ordering, so please check back!

"My Angel" Sculptures by Shohini Ghosh

"My Angel" Sculptures by Shohini Ghosh

"My Angel" Sculptures by Shohini Ghosh



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